Room resource Doesnt Accept or Decline a Meeting

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Exchange 2013 On PREM.  So I have Autoaccept on and no delegates.  Ive checked settings and everything is in place.  When I got to Outlook and sent "Location" and type in a room name and send this meeting at the sametime as an already accepted meeting from that room then my meeting shows on my calendar as "has not been accepted yet"  But I do not get a conflict email or a confirmation.  So If you try this straight from the resource Calendar it gets declined and if you put the room into the TO: field and it has a conflict it gets denied.  Im recurring the alert emails when sending TO: but when I do "location" which alot of folks here do then it just goes to "your meting has not been accepted"
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Bradley DorranceHelp Desk Analyst

First things to check would be your (read/write) permissions and the status of the resource you're trying to use.

What version of the Outlook client is in use on the affected computer(s)? Are you able to replicate the error on anyone else's computer or mobile device?

If I understand correctly from your post, your HE system is run internally, on Exchange 2013. That should make it relatively easy to troubleshoot.
I would assume, you setup the mailbox as resource mailbox, what gives you some additional properties. As beginning with 2010, resource mailboxes have special considerations (i.e. you can not login to the mailbox anymore, but they also do not need a CAL anymore), all settings are set in the mailbox properties in the Exchange administration.
There you find all settings, like the Resource Booking Attendant and Resource Policies.

Also there are settings, who is allowed to send requests following the policies and who is allowed to send requests outside the policies.

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