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Windows 10 - AMD HD5450 - Installation Impossible - Attempted Execute of No Execute Memory - 18 Hours & Counting

Dear Experts,

Upgraded from W7 Pro to W10 and having major problems. Have done various system restores.

Prior to upgrade I had three monitors connected as DVI and VGA to an AMD Low Profile Graphics Card & 1 connected via a USB VGA.

W10 report showed no problems... more fool me!

I have read pages and pages over last 18 hours and it seems that AMD do a legacy driver. W10 is insistent on using it's 'Basic Driver' which results in two identical screens connected to the graphics card.

I have found out I can disable driver updates but that has not helped.

Main error (seen around 50 times) is the Attempted Execute. 9/10 times reboots it fine. Sometime I have to do a system restore. I have run memory checks, HDD checks etc.

I cannot get the AMD legacy drivers to install. A chap suggested manually adding just a W7 driver and then the rest will pick up itself. That did not work.

Current position is I deleted the 'Display Driver' and it is just looping with AENEM message over and then rebooting.

I am desperate for help!

System I have is:

Dell Optiplex 7010
Core i3
Win 10 Pro (Licensed) 64 Bit
16GB Ram

The Graphics card is an AMD Radeon HD5450 - 1GB DDR3 PCI-E HDMI / DVI VGA

Please restore my faith in Windows! I don't want to have to go back to W7!

After this first bit I will need to know if I can get the VGA USB to ever work - manufactured in China with no support!
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