File system full

My file system is full and I'm having a hard time trying to find space.  I don't know how to get to that first drive:

I'm using FreeBSD.
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Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:
It looks like the root folder is at 107% capacity.

The /dev folder is at 100%

To get to the root folder type "cd /" without the quotes and look at what is in there.

Then to get to the /dev folder type "cd /dev" without the quotes and look at what is in there.

Use "ls -l" without the quotes to see how big everything is.
Maciej SsysadminCommented:
Do not touch /dev directory. It is always shown as 100% full and deleting files from /dev will not give you free space.

You can check which directory is consuming your disk with "du -sh /*". My blind guess would be /var or /home. Delete some files or compress them.

There is also possibility, that you have some deleted files, that are still opened by some processes. You can check this with "lsof | grep deleted" (if you have lsof installed of course). If there is some output, you will have to restart process which keeps these files.

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Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:

I am not arguing the point that you probably shouldn't mess around in the /dev directory however I do disagree with you that it always shows 100%.  This is mine:

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hrolsonsAuthor Commented:
I did that and I'm not familiar with the files that show up, and hardly any directories:

Full Hard Drive
Maciej SsysadminCommented:
pony10us - you are checking this on linux. Author has FreeBSD. These systems are not the same.
/dev is memory disk. it will be always full.

You need to free something on /

1) lsof +L1
i.e do you have any deleted files open by broke log rotation
2) cd /var
du -sk * | sort -n
Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:
Thank you oklit.  You are correct I am testing on Red Hat.  I didn't realize FreeBSD showed it different.  One more lesson learned.  :)
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