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Muhammad Usman
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I have western digital my cloud drive in my home. I completed the basic configuration to access the drive remotely. Due to I have huge amount of documents I am using a search tool to search the documents in the drive in my laptop (Copernic desktop search). I want that drive to appear as mapped drive so the search tool can access the drive. Problem is when I am connected to my office VPN that drive disappears and not accessible anymore. I want some solution so that drive remains available as mapped drive where ever I go.

Please suggest some solutions.
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First, I'll try to interpret the situation:

You have a computer with an external drive that's connected via Ethernet, thus on your local area network.
When you connect to your office VPN, you lose access to the networked hard drive.

Here is a simple test to help understand completely what's going on:
- What is the IP address of the computer?
When NOT connected to the VPN, run a command prompt and type:
ipconfig [enter]
The IP address of the computer should be listed in the results.
What does it say?

When CONNECTED to the VPN, do the same thing.
What IP address do you get now?

- What is the IP address of the hard drive?  You probably set it up and know this.

- Have you been able to map it on the computer when not using the VPN?
- What is the IP address of the computer when connected to the VPN?  This may be a different "interface" but nonetheless....

All this notwithstanding, my best guess at the moment is that you need a "split VPN".  This should be a setting in your VPN client setup.  If it's split then not only will you be connected to the company via the VPN when it's activated but you will still get local internet service (which I presume you do not) and, thus, local network connections.


Dear Fred,

In both scenarios its Private IP address. Problem is not only with the VPN when I am in my work environment I cannot use the western digital mapped drive.

VPN client does not have any split VPN settings.

Need help.


Sorry I can still map it using the public IP or host name the device is accessible. Only problem is with my VPN or work environment where the drive is unreachable.
I have a similar issue, but it turned out to not be a problem. When on a vpn to my office I don't see the mycloud in windows explorer, but if I put in the local ip address in the address bar of windows explorer (\\192.168.whatever\name) it can access this drive,and it then can be used remotely via the vpn.

Give it a try.
I understand that it's unreachable when you are at home and you have the VPN (from home to work) connected.

carlmd suggests a possible solution.  Name service may be the only issue and Windows name service ("Network" list) is sometimes a bit frustrating.

I have a similar issue where the client computers *outside* the site and on a VPN connection to the site *must* use the site IP addresses instead of names.  This is a bit confusing for some because they can set up maps or shortcuts (I prefer shortcuts) while on site using names and then those shortcuts will fail when they're offsite using the VPN back to the office.

To work around that issue we set the shortcuts like this:
Instead of \\Server
We use \\[serveripaddress]

Perhaps the same will work for you.
Jian An LimSolutions Architect
Top Expert 2016

the office VPN might not be in split tunnel mode hence attempt to accessing your mycloud is blocked. (a security feature but of course do not offer the flexibility)
Sorry I can still map it using the public IP or host name the device is accessible. Only problem is with my VPN or work environment where the drive is unreachable.
This leads me to think that maybe I don't understand what is what here....  This suggests that the My Cloud device has a public IP.  If so, how is that connected?  
"The VPN or work environment" does that mean: "When I'm connected from home to the work office using the work VPN"?  
If so, I think I've already addressed this issue, no?

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