Cisco 2960x Flex Stack Plus Health Check Procedure

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Please bare with me as I am new to the Cisco Flex Stack technology. Our organization have Two Cisco 2960x swithes stack with FlexStack Plus technology. Each switch has an uplink cable  (Total two) connected to the upstream core router running HSRP protocol. We are going to have a resilience test where our upstream router administrator will disable one of the primary uplink cable to see if the Cisco 2960x can switch over to the secondary switch can take over task for service resilience. Then upstream router administrator will enable back the primary uplink to see if the traffic can failback to the primary/master switch.

Our question is what is the health check procedure (or IOS command) to check if the traffic is actully fail over to the secondary switch and what command to check if the traffic is indeed failback to the original one ? Kindly let us know if any health check diagnostic command might help during this exercise.

Thank you so much for your technical advice in advance.

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How are the connections from the stack to the Core configured?  Are they an Etherchannel group?  Or are you just using spanning-tree? Or are they Layer-3 links?  I'm guessing Etherchannel.

You can tell by using the "show ether summ" command.  If you see a channel-group that has the two uplink ports as members, then you're using Etherchannel.  

If not, use the "show span" command and see if one the the two uplinks show as "BLK" or "Blocked". If you do, then you're using Spanning-Tree.

But that's really not the answer to your question.

To determine if your redundant link is working, just ping from any device connected to the stack to a device connected to the core. If you want, you can even do a continuous ping so that you can see if you lose any pings when the primary link is shut down and when the link is brought back up.


Thanks for the insight

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