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New Synology NAS Box - Setting up Shared folder for 20 users with various Permission levels

I recently purchased and am setting up a new Synology 1515+  box and have copied 2TB of our Folders/Files as admin over to ONE Shared Folder.  We are a Windows shop with 20 users accounts ( names and passwords).  
The structure of the Folders is fairly simple, One single Shared folder called "Synology" ( so there is no confusion about which box they are on) and under that a   "Home" folder and about 25 user subfolders called "AliceB, BobbyC, CharlieD, DavidE,EdgarF, etc etc  ( and xx hundreds of sub folders overall)  everyone will have a user name and password.
Please confirm the following plan:
IN CONTROL PANEL I want to set the Permissions on the single SYNOLOGY "Share" folder to allow all users to list all the folders (so they know whats out there but cannot get into all of them). The only two likely choices seem to be:
  "Traverse folders/ Execute Files" or "List folders/Read data"  ( I dont know what  the difference is)
THEN in FILE STATION I think I should do the following
1) Highlight   "Synology" , "Home"   "AliceB," - Right click and choose Properties, ( check "Apply to this folder, sub-folders and files"  then click Permission ( note at this point all is GREY because its "inherited"  then click Advanced options  THEN Should I EXCLUDE inherited or Make Inherited persmission explict  and edit from there ?  ( I suspect Either will work if I customize them at that point)

SO my big question is , is this the proper approach for the latest Synology Nas boxes ?  Eventually some users will say, "hey, its ok for Bob to see and edit my folder, etc so I will be doing maint and I dont mind that at all......

I think there is something in Synology that is designed for "Homes" for private users but I dont want to "destroy" their old parent, child folder structure for the business ( as its a little more complex then I have described and 2TB actually contains a LOT of folders/subs.

( BTW  They all have Secure VPNs for remote access thru our SonicWall so I dont see any need to have the NAS box be facing the Public )

I kind of want to keep it as close to their existing Windows structure as possible....
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Yes  I confirmed everything above with the Tech guys at SYNOLOGY and the methodology is correct.
ONE note of caution.  BE sure to give changes a WHOLE LOT of time to propogate ( in some cases over 1 hr)