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Router will not pass traffic to particular IP/system

I'm trying to pass some traffic through a router to a coule of systems on a LAN, using a custom port translated to port 80.

On the LAN their are two telecoms systems that the vendor needs to get at via a web browser.

They are & respectively.

On the LAN, I can go to & and in both cases I get a login prompt, so I know they work.

In the router, a Netgear FVS336Gv2, I have set up two services called phonesys44381 & phonesys44382, because that's the port numbers the telecoms vendor wanted, & they are set to start & finish ports 44381 & 44382 respectively.

I've also set up two firewall rules, both translating to port 80, so the 44381 service is pointing to & the 44382 service is pointing to

If I point a web browser from outside the network at http://WAN.IP.Address.of.the.network:44381, I get the logon prompt I expect.

If I point a web browser from outside the network at http://WAN.IP.Address.of.the.network:44382, I get "This webpage is not available" (Chrome). Same deal with other browsers.

Today I upgraded the firmware on the router, as it was very old, and it crashed, so I factory-reset it and sucesfully got it up to the latest version then reconfigured it from scratch. No dice. Either the router is not passing the traffic or the phone system is not accepting it, but the latter seems unlikely.

I've tried different custom external ports and I've tried just loading the one service & firewall rule for the problem child, and still it does not work.

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