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Dell Optiplex 7010 Core i3 - Wanting to upgrade to Core i7

Dear experts,

I have swapped an Intel chip over only once before and it was a like for like - one donor machine into a new build.

I have the 7010 and ideally I just want to purchase a suitable i7 chip. I realise they are different and I guess I need help in that too. I can look on the Dell site and see what new ones ship with.

Questions are thus:

1. Is there a 'best way' to find out which i7 to buy?
2. Have any of you done this?
3. If I purchase the right one - will my MB accept it?
4. Would I need to rebuild my machine?
5. I am running 16GB RAM and using display from MB - any chance of conflict?

Thanks in advance!

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