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I have two forms on a page.  One form has radio buttons.  All of the values of the radio buttons are equal to the values of Select Options on another form.  If a user clicks on one of the radio buttons on form 1  I want to automatically change the selected on form two to the that value of the radio button.

var sensorpick is from the raio button and $sensors is the ID of the Select on the second form:
$("#sensor-choose").change(function() {
	var sensorpick = $("input:radio[name='sensor-choose']:checked").val();
	$('#sensor option[value="' + sensorpick+ + '"]').prop('selected', true);

<form method="GET" id="sensor_finder">	
		if you already have a Coherent sensor or meter, please make your selection below.<br />
	<!--  START Find a Sensor  -->	
		<div class="form-control">
			<select name="sensor" id="sensors">
				<option value="">Find a Sensor</option>
				{exp:channel:entries channel="measurement" dynamic="no"}
					{if sensor_or_meter == "Sensor"}
						<option value="{measurement_product_name}">{measurement_product_name}</option>

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You are using id for multiple radios?
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As sajayj2009 pointed out you are using the id of the radio instead of the name

Secondly, to set the selected option of a drop down you just have to set the value of the select.

Third - a radio button is easy - when you click it it is set - so all you have to do is pick the item that is clicked and use its value;

// Using .click() rather than .change()
$'"input[name="sensor-choose"]').click(function() {
  // $(this).val() is the value of the clicked radio - so we can use that
  // to set the select val - which will choose the correct option

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