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Hi, need some software to shutdown 10-15 Windows servers. The software must be started when there is a powerloss, maybe that a UPS software starts the program. But the program must shutdown servers in a specific order. I know i could make a script or something, but is there a program that i could use that will do that? It must be able to configure so server-2 dont start shutdown before server-5 is down etc.
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Is it possible to test this software in some way? I cant get it installed without a APC UPS with a network card. Is the software Powerchute network free and it will work as long as i have one UPS with network card? So i could install one APC UPS and run this program to shutdown all the servers, even if the other servers are not connected to a APC UPS?
Yes to all.
The software is free up a point(25 servers).
You have to have a master Powerchute server.configured to control shutdown roles along with the corresponding shutdown agents
However to turn the systems back on automatically ,you need  APC branded UPS's.

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