Disable Windows Internal Database on SBS 2011 if WSUS isn't needed?

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WSUS isn't required on an SBS 2011 server due to an MSP product being used.
I've disabled the Update Services service etc but want to know if I can disable the Windows Internal Database service as well?
This is taking up valuable memory and I understand that it's only needed for WSUS?
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Jian An LimSolutions Architect
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Is the Internal Database used by anything else other than WSUS?
I'd rather just disable the service so WSUS can be easily turned on again down the track if someone else takes over a site etc.
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yup. you can turn off internal database as long as no one else did something abnormal :)
disable the service will be a good start.

I recommend being very cautious about messing around with SBS. the SBS system is a tightly controlled package of applications that doesn't expect to be changed.
Windows updates/ wizards, service packs all assume the SBS system is running as it was originally intended. Disabling anything can increase the risk of weird problems that appear unsolvable.

I recommend configuring WSUS to do the minimal work possible, but not actually disable it.
Examples: stop synchronisations, unselect almost everything from the catalogue, set to get updates from Microsoft instead of storing them on the local server etc.

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