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Windows 10 Build 10586 Features with Local/Work Account

Microsoft seems to claim that you can use a local (work/corporate) account for some Windows 10 features, vs continuing to require a Microsoft account.  Specifically Cortana and Note are requiring a Microsoft account.  Online documentation is extremely contradictory with regard to needing MS account or not.  Does anyone know the real story?
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Thanks for the information.  I could've/should've expounded a bit.  Yes, member of a domain.  Office365 pro account active. Cortana and Note require "Microsoft" account to initially sign in.  Microsoft claims that after a recent build for 10 that they've stop requiring an MS account.  But a lot of the literature is contradictory.  Stating things like, "you can now use a local account, BUT you have to initially sign in with an MS account . . . "  Pretty loose talk.  

So, I've done all the troubleshooting steps I can find with confirming account creds, registry edits (which really don't apply for someone only using a corporate account), clearing cache, online admin setup appears correct (Cortana enabled), et al.

I'm only landing on MS is not completely forthright that they are now allowing local accounts.

So, does anyone have any other experience with this?
Please explain what you are trying to do. It seems you haven't bothered to try a local account. You can use OneNote without an MS account. Also, you can now browse the app store now without one. But installing apps from the store without an account? No, not that. Use ONe Drive? Nope. Use setting-sync? Nope. Use one password for all? No. Use the mail app? Well, that works now without an MS account! And some other apps, too, but not all.
For starters and primarily, sign into Cortana for the first time.

Can't use local account, which was the expected behavior with windows 10 initially, but was supposed to be resolved with subsequent build.
Cortana is available for non-microsoft accounts on 1511, I use it. You need to set the display language and speech recognition according to your selected region.
You had to have signed in initially, with a MS account, correct?  When you look in settings, accounts, undoubtedly you have MS account(s) listed?

My regional settings are correct.  Cortana will not allow getting past the sign in screen (initially) with a non-MS account.  At least, that's my dilemma, and why I posted.  Any other thoughts on fix?

No MS account was ever used on that machine. It may be unsupported in your country, or is it the US?

Do you recall if you had an option to use a non-MS account initially, or did you just input your account in the "Microsoft Account . . . Outlook,, etc" section at first login?
In any release of 8 and 10 we could select to use a local account instead. Only local accounts used here.
I should state too, that colleagues on the same network use Cortana, but they had to sign in initially with their MS accounts.  MS seems to state that after this first login, that somehow your local account will be utilized.  but frankly, I don't buy it.  The MS accounts are still listed in "accounts" and proper syncing across devices is hard to determine in light of how the machines/accounts are used.

Inputting the local account creds at the login screen initially, results in an error saying "username and/or password not recognized" and asks if you want to sign up for an account.

Cortana's enabled in local GP, enabled in admin on ms online, no registry hacks necessary as there are no MS accounts on the machine, bunch of other troubleshooting steps tried, no luch
Haven't tried this yet and can't imagine it would help, but is your account listed in "Local Users and Groups"?  Mine is not, wondering if adding it would somehow work?
If your account is a domain user, it cannot be ever listed in local users, of course it can be part of local groups, though.
No, mine is a domain account, too. But I also run a local account on that machine and cortana works, without linking to an MS account. Region is germany, here.
Any thoughts on fix?
No. I'd retry on a fresh system and see if it works (I guess it will) and then see if something has been overlooked.
Fresh system, same result.  Screenshot(s) of behavior.  So I understand, you are supposed to be able to input a non-MS account at the logon that's requiring an MS account?  Not to belabor your point, but are you certain that your non-MS account (i.e. not an MS-ending domain) is not really an MS account?  Meaning you created an MS account with it at some point?  If not, I'd like to hear more about the "local account" you made mention of earlier.  Thinking that has to play into it somehow.

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I repeat: No Microsoft account credentials were ever entered on that machine and Cortana works.
When setup finishes, you can choose to use a local account - did you do that? And that's all.

Did you get the same log in screen initially for Cortana?  If yes, it obviously allowed you to input a non-MS account into the field requiring one?


Not sure if I need to clarify that I'm using the term "local" to mean any non-MS account, the same way Microsoft is using it - in the context of account types and Windows 10.
Do you accept excuses? Finally I found it.
No, Cortana didn't ask for signing in, it just works (seemed so), but difference will be that I didn't bother to configure the speech recognition since this device has no microphone. So it display all the "how may I help you" stuff which made me assume it is already active and web searches are performed from there,  but the true AI is only available if you use speech recognition and that will then require an MS account, indeed.
So it really was still the teaser. Sorry.
I'm always prepared to give them, so yes indeed, I do accept them.  Funny, you learn something new everyday.  

I'm going to assume microsoft is either misstating their intention, or that I (and a lot of folks) am misunderstanding their goal to allow non-MS accounts for some W10 features.

No one else is experiencing this issue or can offer other insight?

Since the smart stuff of Cortana (targeting Siri-like features) requires a huge database, it works only online. And to collect your preferences to "serve you better", you need an online account. Without Siri, Cortana is restricted to what is on your disks.
Just read something new(ish) that seems to say the same thing.  That is - newer build of 10 allows non-microsoft accounts, but for the "smart stuff", you still need an MS account.  Makes sense.

I'm thinking of the folks (myself included) with MS subscriptions to say Office365 that could utilize the smart stuff features of Cortana, such as syncing certain things with your Windows mobile phone, that don't need an MS account.  But are still, "online" and in the MS world.

With Android you cannot sync (by default) without having a Google account. MS just does the same ...
Good comparison.  I think there might be a distinction however, because Microsoft is now claiming that you no longer need a MS account for <fill in the blank>.  

Is that marketing, is it some version of the truth, or is it a truth not yet realized?
Marketing, and certainly not what MS is really after ;-).
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