Western Digital 2TB Red Not Being Detected By RAID Card

I have  new WD Red 2TB Drives that would not be seen by intel raid card and then all of the sudden after several cleanings using diskpart on another machine they somehow appeared.
But after the 1st reboot the raid card failed and I could never get the driver to work so I traded the card in on an HP Smart Array P420 Controller  with cache and BBU.
This card has no option to access it at POST as far as I can tell but it does initialize and the storage manager works fine but
once again the card these particular 4 drives are invisible. Any other drive of any size comes right up in the PD list but not these.
What could this be?
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Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
try updating the firmware
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
got all the latest
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
Actually I got so many choices on HP although my model# is pulled up most of them don't work. I got firmware for SAS, SATA and storage controller.
Do I need to be trying all the SATA?
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
sas/sata firmware are for the drives itself; update you need would be for the controller
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
so many. most dont work. trying all the ones that do
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
I'm surprised I can watch the card initialize but have no access at post
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
It has to be some kind of ID the previous card put on them. Any other drive is visible including 3TB greeen
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
All the drives are cleaned and uninitialized
Muhammad BurhanManager I.T.Commented:
remove if any 'Foreign Configuration' exist on Card.
and perform re scan for drives in Card config.
F8 after the spinning star during Smart Array initialization to get into setup. IT doesn't sit there for long before, pain in the backside waiting for a 3 second window to press F8.

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A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
I'm so sick of screwing with these raid cards. Can you recommend a good card that is reasonable and supports raid 6?
What are you putting it in?
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
asus Z10PE-D16/4L which boasted a Rerk II slot but does not have one so Perk card is going back.

I have is installed in rack case but not powered yet. Waiting on 2nd CPU. This is getting so expensive!
Buying stuff from amazon can be risky. For instance. I boght a 2U power supply and theres no harness.
Sorry to rant
Here is card# 5 or six that I'm going to try with new board:
I hope it will work because I want to try raid 6
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
This problem still remains unanswered
I'm so sick of screwing with these raid cards. Can you recommend a good card that is reasonable and supports raid 6?

yes. use software raid and don't bother. additionally most of these cards do not do raid but rather provide a driver that does. so you're doing software raid anyway with a bunch of additional useless nuisances and scheduling incompatibility problems if you ever need to move these drives to a different box.

also note that a 4 drives raid6 array is ... well ... suboptimal. raid 10 is your friend : same disk space available ( with 4 drives ) and MUCH better performance.
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