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Public Folders Missing in Outlook 2016 on Windows 10 - Internal Exchange Server 2010

I have three computers running Windows 10.  One is a desktop and two are Surface Pro 3s.  All have latest windows 10 update and all have Office 365 with 2016 update.

I cracked the screen on one Surface Pro and am transferring all of my files to the new Surface Pro 3.  When I installed Office 365 and opened Outlook, I saw my normal email files, the Archive files, but no Public directories.  On my old Surface Pro 3 with the exact same configuration, I have access to all of the folders.  

My old Surface Pro 3 is still working and I have full access to all of my email folders including Public folders.

I noticed on my Desktop computer that I rarely use for email, but have the exact same configuration, I cannot see the public folders on that computer either.  I fairly recently upgraded the Office365 applications to the 2016 version.

I don't believe anyone else in the office is experiencing the same problem.  

I have rebooted the server with Exchange Server.  I had to be something related to a setting on those two computers that is keeping Outlook for seeing the public folders.

Thanks for your help.
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