Group Policy Management Editor appears out of date

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I was going to implement a GPO for a scheduled task (following this guide here and found that when I go to create a new Scheduled task in "Computer Configuration > Preferences > Control Panel Settings > Scheduled Tasks", that my window looks different than the screenshot posted.

Is this because I'm running Group Policy Management Editor from a Windows 7 computer?

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Hi Gary - in that screenshot, I am selecting Scheduled Task - At least Windows 7. The difference is probably your older version of RSAT. If possible, use the latest version of RSAT (which will probably mean that you need to update your administration machine to Windows 10).
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There is nothing wrong here. For the purpose of the document outlined, they have used the Scheduled Task Window Screen Shot from the local machine to illustrate the process. You are accessing this window via Group Policy Management Editor which displays the classic window for scheduled tasks.

If you open Task Scheudled from this machine you will see it is the same as their screenshot.

Nothing to worrie about.


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