Remote Desktop / RemoteFX

Have two specific needs that may be related.

1.  I use an HP scanner and related software on my PC.   I need to be able to log into a virtual machine at work and use the scanner the same as I do locally.  I want to be able to scan and save documents to my network at work from home.  
Also need to apply the same routing in reverse on that the home PC is physical rather than virtual.
The home PC is running windows 10 enterprise.  The virtual machine at work is also windowes 10 Enterprise with the host OS being 2012R2.

So I read that remoteFX should be able to do what I need.  I have no IT background other than the necessity of getting by.
Need some clear direction of what needs to be on the local machine initiating the RDS session and what needs to be on the remote machine being accessed.

2, After accomplishing #1,
Want to be able to create a virtual machine or physical to install windows 10 and have it serve as a remote for multiple local clients.
Specifically, I want to be able to install office 2016 configured with the mail client, Quickbooks, Acrobat and a handful of other applications on one machine.  
Then via RDS, VDI, what ever in needed configure it so say 10 client running a mix of Windows 7, 8 and 10 can access and use the remote machine simultaneously.  
Naturally, will need to have the necessary licenses.  All the clients except for me will be accessing this machine via the local network.

Probably not explaining sufficiently, please let me know what additional detail is needed.
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Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
#1 As long as both systems are Windows Pro or above then you can remote desktop into either, both ways nor problem no special setup required other than to allow remote access (done in Control Panel, System, Remote). If you have a scanner at both location and the scanner software installed on both then using it via RDP works as if you were in front of it.

#2 To be able to do what you want here (have 10 people connect to a system to use apps and programs) you will need a full blown server -- Windows 10 will not work to provide remote desktop services to 10 other people, not at the same time like a server can.
kbettencourtAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.
Concerning #1
I have all windows Pro, but when I remote into a VM full screen, the USB connected scanner is not available in the VMs device manager/  Have not been able to figure out how to do that.  
Generally if the scanner works with windows fax and scan, it will work with the software.
At my home PC installed windows 8 enterprise with no change. So not getting that one.
The whole remoteFX thing confuses me.

The VM I am am looking to get access to can be Server 2012R2 or Windows Pro or enterprise.
The host machine is Server 2012R2 already.
Are you saying that I need to have a windows 2012R2 VM with desktop services installed and all of the  desired applications so the client would then access the serverVM?

Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
OK on #1 are you saying there is only one scanner or does both system have scanners?

On #2 yes if you already have Hyper-V 2012 then the VM for users to connect to should be Server 2012 with RDS (Remote Desktop Services) enabled/installed.
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kbettencourtAuthor Commented:
Ok, understand a bit more on #2.
Will give it a try.

Concerning #1.
In the case where I am accessing the home machine from the office.

The office is a physical machine running windows 8.1 professional with the scanner connected to it.    
I am accessing via RDP a physical machine located at home that has the identical scanner connected to it.  I need to be able to scan items at work and save the scans to a folder that has not remote access.
Do not want to make the home folder accessible on the network.

The reverse scenario is to access a virtual machine at the office from home and have the virtual machine control the scanner.
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
OK on #1 I am now really confused. If you have two physical computers and two scanners connected to each then using them to scan should be no problem. The work PC can remote onto the home PC and use the scanner at home. The home PC can remote onto the work PC and scan using the scanner at work. If you want to copy or move the scans from one location to another you can do that using Windows explorer (scans on work scanner copied to home PC or visa versa).

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kbettencourtAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the confision.  I do have that configuration where two physical machine have the same configuration.  Have never been able to make that work, but will give it another try.

Thought I needed to get to where I needed to present the local hardware to a remote machine be it physical or virtual.  Will try the physical to physical again.

kbettencourtAuthor Commented:
I did try to scan from the remote and it scanned a blank page from the scanner at work.
Will need to close this issue because there are other issue demanding time and I do not  want this to go abandoned.
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