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Writing a code/module to print

Hello all,

I'm given a project which is developed by BBj (Basic and Java). Of course, I'm not asking for help on how to code but one of the missing features in this application is printing! currently users run a query and get a page or screen which shows result from a database and if they need to print they would use PrtScr button on keyboard to print (I'm still in shock). As you may guess only the portion on screen can be printed and if the result has several pages then it ends up to headache.

I'm asked to write a method/module to do the printing job regardless of size of returns data. Either one page or multiple pages. I do have an idea what to do but before doing so thought if anybody might have done this kind of work before in Basic or Java would be great to give me hints and information.

Thank you,
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oracle has nice tutorials on java printing
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