Canon IR1025 MFC fails to scan to Windows 7 64Bit

I installed a new Windows 7 machine in a small office replacing the older XP machine.
The client had used the XP machine as the Scan to directory for their scanner, the iR1025.

After we swapped for the Windows 7 machine it no longer is able to be scanned to.
We have reset the SMB setup on the 1025, but no success. I have seen an article about using a USB to connect and downloading scan drivers from the Canon site, but I have been unable to find them,

The Scanner does a better job and can do larger jobs than their ScanSnaps..

Any ideas to get the old iR1025 scanning again?
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There are drivers for WIN 7

If you select drivers - select your OS and the select drivers again...

It is possibly that the scan software will not work anymore as Win7 has a different driver model, but it should work with Windows Fax and Scan. And if this works, other application (for Win7) should be able to scan as well.
911bobCTOAuthor Commented:
Those are for Printing (Print Drivers)
It does not include any for Scanning.
In addition what I am really trying to do is to scan from the iR1025..

I have it setup on the machine with the \\machine\scans\ as the destination folder
with user and password.. but no go.
David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
Get the Vuescan utility and use your canon driver
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911bobCTOAuthor Commented:
Where is the Canon Driver?

I am not looking to install software on the Windows machine. The canon should be able to "push" via SMB to the Windows 7 machine.

Take a look at this video, It is for a different Canon IR, but the concept is the same.
The IR 1025 has a similar web interface to setup scanning destinations.
911bobCTOAuthor Commented:
David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
it could be the firewall.. create a rule or use an existing rule to allow file and print sharing
911bobCTOAuthor Commented:
Solved issue by going on the machine and setting it up per this:
2 Additional things I did was while in the settings I turned on the LM Announce
Then in the web interface for the machine, I just put in the IP, no "\\" no name.
in the Folder I put in "\scans", then the local user\ password.. and it works.

Follow the procedure below to set up the send files function of the machine.

Press  [Additional Functions].
Press [] or [] to select <SYSTEM SETTINGS>, then press [OK].
If the System Manager ID and System Password have been set, enter the System Manager ID and System Password using  -  [numeric keys], then press  [Log In/Out].
Press [] or [] to select <NETWORK SETTINGS>, then press [OK].
Press [] or [] to select <SMB SETTINGS>, then press [OK].
Confirm that <USE SMB CLIENT> is displayed, then press [OK].
Press [] or [] to select <ON>, then press [OK].
<OFF>: Does not send data to the file server.
<ON>: Sends data to the file server.
Confirm that <SERVER> is displayed, then press [OK].
Enter the NetBIOS name of the machine using - [numeric keys], then press [OK].
Be sure to enter a unique name that does not exist as a name for another computer or printer on the same network.
You cannot enter a character string that includes blanks.
Confirm that <WORKGROUP> is displayed, then press [OK].
Enter the name of the workgroup the machine belongs to using -[numeric keys], then press [OK].
You cannot enter the domain name as the workgroup name.
You cannot enter a character string that includes blanks.
Confirm that <COMMENT> is displayed, then press [OK].
If necessary, enter a comment using - [numeric keys], then press [OK].
Press  [Stop] to return to the standby mode.
Turn off the main power on the right side of the machine, then turn on the power to restart the machine.

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911bobCTOAuthor Commented:
Please return points as I found the solution myself.
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