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Wordpress Post Text formatting


I've recently migrated from a flat HTML website into Wordpress. I have a lot of content, so I paid a third party to migrate that for me. My problem is (post migration) the text formatting on my posts is awful. it displays as block text with no formatting, (break spaces carriage returns etc).

Now I have a lot of 'code block' stuff on the site and the migration company struggled to get that migrated with the correct formatting - which they have done.

All the content they migrated have come over as 'pages' rather than 'posts' (I'm migrating those over in slow time thats not a problem, as long as the links work and the contents there, I'm happy).

My problem is, when I publish a post, the 'body' text all comes out preformatted? I've looked in the style.css and I can't even see an entry for body?

e.g. I did a post today http://www.petenetlive.com/KB/Article/0001113 the first few paragraphs look like this;

screenshot badly formatted
There should be formatting in that, like so (taken from the post editor);

with formatting
How do I fix this without breaking all my migrated content? (Which displays ok?) e.g.http://www.petenetlive.com/KB/Article/0000077

I'm very new to Wordpress and just finding my feet so please assume I'm an imbecile!! :)



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