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Distribution lists in ADUC / Exchange 2013 - confused

so in the past DL's have been created in ADUC as Global Distribution lists. They show up in Exchange 2013 and just....work
I've recently created some more in ADUC using the same setup as the others, but they don't show in either Exchange 2013 or the GAL.
So, as a test i created one earlier in Exchange, it now shows up in ADUC (albeit with a general icon), but still doesn't show up in the GAL or the Distribution List dropdown menu in outlook.
So, why is it not a seemless process and why does it fudge up? And what is the best practice for creating a DL
Also, whats the diff between a GLOBAL DL and a UNIVERSAL one?
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Thanks for the advice. This is still a mess though.
So this is what i've done:
1. In Exchange2013 - created a universal disty group.
2. In ADUC added a 'group' into the member tab of the newly created disty list. (basically that should add a group of users)
3. Check in outlook in the 'All Distribution Lists' and it is indeed listed.
However if i choose a list to send an email to, but then click the '+' button to expand who it will actually send the email to, the group that is in the member tab isn't shown, so it's basically going to send an email to no one.
Adding individual users isn't an option when you have 5 lists to create and each list has over 20 users, hence the reason for needing to add groups as members.
Ideally a query-based or Dynamic group would be the way forward, but then i hit a snag where it doesn't look right in ADUC, and certainly doesn't appear anywhere in outlook under any tab; GAL, Distribution Lists, even when clicking ALL.
I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be this convoluted.
Ongoing advice would be very much appreciated, thanks
Are you actually checking the GAL or the OAB? If you are using outlook in cached mode then you will be using the OAB. If you are using OWA or Outlook in Online mode then you will be referencing the GAL. If you are referencing the OAB they do not automatically update when you make a change. So the best test would be to referencing the GAL using OWA or Outlook in Online mode.

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Ahaa.....it does indeed show up when logged into OWA. However the lists 'members' is hsowing as empty. This is on the dynamic list, where the member is a group with a bunch of users in it.
Surely that's the point of a dynamic list with rules like this; to avoid unncessary steps in adding members?

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