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Hiding a DIV on desktop


I am trying to hide a DIV only on desktop. using Media queries.

When I tried to do it, however, I guess I selected the wrong div because it also hid another div.

Please go to this page:  Look at the 2 "Practice Area" menus

There are two menus with the name "Practice Areas".  Near the top left is a hamburger version which should NOT show on Desktop.  I need to hide the hamburger and the words "Practice Areas' which are to the right of it on desktop.

However I don't want it to affect the Desktop version of the Practice Areas menu.

When I tried to hide it, I ended up hiding both menus on desktop.

Here's  a screen capture with hopefully some helpful info -- just to make everything clear.

I think the div is module-content     At least that's the div around the hamburger version.  

UPDATE:  I just went in and added some debugging info that you'll see on the top and bottom of the hamburger menu.   I also added an "X" to the module position name.  Hopefully that will help add the needed hook to the css to make it different from the other Practice menu.

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