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Microsoft Edge appearance

Are there any options for changing the appearance of Edge?  Can I control the menu bars etc. like in IE?
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You can show a menu bar but it is not really like what you are used to with IE.

I use IE 11 with Menu and Command bars and it remains superior to Edge at this point.
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IE 11 crashes on me constantly, so I switched to Chrome as my primary browser.  However, IE works better for somethings than Chrome, so I use them both.   I was hoping Edge would be more stable.  I've tried things in IE 11 like removing Add-Ins etc., but IE is still buggy.  Guess I'll try all three now!!
Update to Build 1511 if you can. I did that some weeks ago. Build 1511 is much more stable even for IE 11.

For IE 11, go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced and select "Use Software Rendering" (not hardware acceleration" and then click on Reset. Choose Full Reset (looses personal settings). Close out, restart and set up IE again. Now go to Add-ins and disable all add-ins to start. IE should now operate reliably. I allow Adobe add-ins, otherwise, none.

What happens if I disable other Add-ins, such as Skype?  Will those programs whose Add-ins I disable stop working?
I have add-ins disabled. but I use Skype (from the Skype desktop icon), Adobe, Java and so on. None of it stops working because the add-in is disabled.
I'm going to take your advice and turn them all off except for Adobe, but have two more questions (sorry to beat this to death!):  

1) If all the apps work without add-ins, why are their add-ins?  
2) Why keep the Adobe add-in enabled?

Thanks again for your help.

PS  Why do you contribute?  For fun, or do you get paid?  I've always wondered this about the Experts, but not asked.
EE Volunteers do not get paid. But I like to try to help. people.
thanks for helping me!  sorry to bother you again.  i removed all add-ins except adobe and Kaspersky because i'm nervous about disabling Kaspersky because i'm not sure if that diminishes it's protection. will it, or will it continue to work fine if the add-in is disabled?  Also:

1) If all the apps work without add-ins, why are their add-ins?  
 2) Why keep the Adobe add-in enabled?

Thanks again!
Add-ins are to assist with IE integration with the apps. Problem is (over time) is that ii is often this integration that IE cannot handle and stops working.

Adobe add-in add PDF Maker and it seems to work without too many issues.