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Customizing Share Point 2013 Mobile Pages

I have "Mobile Browser View" enabled in my Share Point 2013 "Settings", "Site Actions".
I would like to make some minor modifications to change the (theme) header color and perhaps add a logo to the mobile view.

I have succeeded in over ridding styles in my desktop view by a adding a custom style to default.aspx, but the mobile view still has the old theme attached.

I have found some articles about revising mobile Share Point, but they seem ridiculously complex for a few simple design changes


How do you make basic css changes or add a logo to the header?

Looking at the SP server installation
c$\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE

I am finding

But I am not finding a basic css file, or any reference to it!

(None of the above mentioned files are found in my local copy of Share Point designer, nor can I find any related mobile templates or files)
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