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Can't write to my C drive in Windows 10

I have noticed since I bought my Windows 10 laptop, I can't store any files on  it - even though I have Admin privileges. Trying to resolve it with Google suggestions, I set my slider in the User Account area to minimum (all the way down) which didn't resolve anything. My next suggestion was to set a specific register key from 1 to 0 and reboot, I did, and it now allows me privileges to write to C, however, when I attempt to access the internet by clicking on the e icon, I'm told I can't access this app under the Admin account and to choose another account - which I don't want to do.

Suggestions, anyone?  All I want is for things to work normal as in Windows 7 or 8 i.e. access to my C drive and have all my other apps work!
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Need to clarify my statement above "I can't store any files on  it " I meant to say I can't store any files on the C drive
What error do you get when you try to write the C:\ ? Is this the root level of the drive?  Assume OS is installed here. Can you create a folder on C:\ ? What happens if you run CMD with elevated privileges or as admin and run mkdir test?
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Root access is forbidden, The only element you can create at the root level are folders and then files in them. It's a very sensible restriction. Also working with Administrator account is a no go.

Bye, Olaf.
I agree with Olaf Doschke, you cannot save files directly to root drive. You will need to save into a subfolder.. which is why MS setup profile folders for users.
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Hmmm. well here's\my issue and it may not have anything to do with what we're talking about.
I'm attempting to install a program and during the process it opens the cmd area (black screen) and I see the attached screen with all kinds of Access Denied messages. When the install finishes, I get a message the process failed and I'm trying to understand why. This screen may indeed not have anything to do with the failure.

Are you saying I can't write directly to C but could write to a subfolder on C?
this has nothing to do with being able to write to the c:\. This is a patch that is trying to edit the host file to change the location of activate.adobe.com
Are you are trying to activate a "non purchased" adobe application.
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I have no idea.  I'm doing this for a friend who isn't here. All I know is he told me before he left for vacation it was an Adobe program he was having a problem installing and asked me to help.

Is that what all the lines of code where it's failing telling you?
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