Wireless upload speed is faster than hard wired upload speed

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Internet speed is 50MB         speedtest.net    runs and these are the results:
1. wired network connection through a switch    Upload is 1.5 and Download is 40MB
2. Wireless access (this Access Point still goes through the same Internet connection as the hard wired connection) gets 30
MB Upload and 40 MB Download

The only change made was one Cisco Router 2800 for another Cisco Router 2800.  Before the change the wired speeds was 40 MB and 40MB.       What could possibly throttle down the Upload on the new router?
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Is the wireless Access Point separate or tied to the same router. If separate, that could explain it. My HUAWIE Wi-Fi card gets better upload speed than my regular ISP.
check the network duplex at the router and the device connected to the switch.  Sounds like a duplex mismatch, the connections stats may say 10 half now.  Verify they are either both set to Auto or are both set to a specific matching speed.
Luke SmithSenior Manager, Production Engineering

Sounds like a duplex mismatch, but I'd test by plugging a laptop into the same port the AP is plugged into and see if you get the same results or something different.
Found out it was actually something wrong, hardware wise with the GB port on my Router.   Replace that and it worked fine.


After testing by connecting a computer to the GB port on my router, I found it to be defective and once replace it fixed the problem.

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