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Moving a div under another div


Please look at this page: My Granddad button

The "Buy My Grandad's products" graphic needs to be under the row of icons, instead of the way it currently is.

Do I need a div float?  And if so how do I do it in this case?

Here's the mockup of how I would like it to look:User generated image
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You do need float: left.  Make all those <div> tags in the "utils" container to float: left

then on the JakeZ element, add width: 51%.  it will push it to the next line
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Hi Rob,

Thanks for helping again.

The graphic is now under the icons, and it looks good on desktop.

On tablet landscape the group is a bit too much to the left.  I assume I could fix that by making the percent maybe 30 percent.

However on Tablet Portrait there are issues and on cell too.

I assume it's caused by my negative margin.
#pageheader .utils {
    right: 30px;
    height: 44px;
    line-height: 40px;
    font-size: 14px;
    margin-top: -75px;
    float: left;

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Any suggestions for a fix -- handing the negative margin better?  I'd try some things on my own, but I am sure your fix would be the best practices method.  So I will hold off... to await your improvement.



Morning update.

Desktop looks okay, except I guess I need to use a negative margin to get the right group higher. (Is using negative margins asking for trouble -- especially in responsive world?)

Tablet looks fine on landscape.     On tablet the right group moves too much to the center.  I assume that can be fixed by making the percentage, maybe 30 percent?

Cell.  Problems  portrait and landscape. .  Not sure how to fix them.

I have a  suspicion that the democratic party store logo maybe needs to be in the same overall div as the right area.  (or visa versa).  Maybe that's the overall problem -- with the resulting issues showing up on cell devices.



Have you looked at incorporating a css library to help with the layout?  I use bootstrap and it straight out answers these kind of questions for you:
To see what i mean:,output

just drag the divider between the code and the output to change the width and see how responsive it is.
Hi Rob,

Can I use bootstrap just for this header area.  The rest of the site is working fine.

I assume as long as the css in bootstrap is not the same "tags" as any of the default css it should not interfere with the other pagses.

I'm using a pre-built shopify template that contains php and html, etc.  The header area is generally it's own "snippet' so I would want to only have it apply to the header (which is the same as all the interior headers, of course.)

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WIll do.  Let's see what happens..   Will do it in the morning.  Should be an interesting experiment.
Thanks Rob,

For the reminder to take advantage of the framework!