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Skype for Business question

In the past we have used the free version of Skype.  However, recently,  one of our large customers has standardized their whole company on Skype For Business.  I quickly found out that using the free Skype Client on calls with them did not work well as I could not see their shared content.   What is the easiest way for me to upgrade so that I can participate and initiate conference calls with this customer.  I know Skype for Business is a enterprise capable solution - but we don't use it...so I just need something simple that will allow me to initiate and host meetings in Skype For Biz, but not interfere with anything on my own corporate network.  Can someone help?  Is there just a simple Skype for Business application that will run from my laptop like the free Skype?  I don't mind paying something for an annual subscription.   The Skype for Biz site is overwhelming and I don't see anywhere to download just a simple program for Skype for Business?  Help.
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