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SQL, How to do filter out

Hi Experts

My query below returned the result (see the screen shot). I want to only showing the result if loanstoreID<> transactionlocationstoreID.
For example, I want to show the result of loanID 1330114, not loanID 418282, 418323 etc...

How do I modify my query?

Thank you

select ln.loanID, ln.loanstoreID, lt.transactionlocationstoreid, ln.loandate, lt.transactiondatetime, lt.transactionamt
from tblLoans ln inner join 
tblLoanTransactions lt on ln. LoanID = lt. LoanID
where lt.TransactionTypeID=9 
and lt.TransactionLocationStoreID in (select StoreID from tblStores_tblStoreTypes where storetypeID=1)

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Microsoft SQL Server

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