SSRS implementation licensees  and cross database/server reporting ( sql server reporting services )

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I have a couple of questions
 1.   Remote dbs
can SSRS create and run reports on Cross database and cross sol servers  ?
The raison is I only want   SSRS  be implemented on ONLY one  SQL sever and access other databases remotely.
If remote database is a possibility can it connect to databases in  share point integrated mode.  ?
2.  Licencing
fi installing SQL sever Enterprise - what is the licencing requirement briefly (  If you could brief me rather than me having to read long MS articles would be great )
specially when you are in share point integrated mode.
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Jason clarkDBA Freelancer

1. You can install SSRS and a SQL Server database on different servers. While the default installation tries to install both, you can select to install them separately.

In SQL Server 2012, Reporting Services is classified as "Additional Software". This means that it can be installed on any computer without requiring an extra SQL Server license (much like the Client Tools).


Hi  Jason clark  - thanks for the early reply.

would you also have any ideas about the cross database / cross server reporting capabilities of SSRS  ?
see my question 1
Certified Database Administrator
SSRS is not an individual product and cannot be licensed individually it is licensed as part of SQL Server.
You can have a central SSRS server that is not rare. I am sure like everything else in IT there will be tons of pros and cons of everyones individual preference and experience.

SSRS does not care if the data is on it's own server or others server(s), same as SSIS.

Jason, SSRS must be licensed as part of SQL Server excerpt below from SQL 2012 Licensing Guide

The software components of SQL Server 2012 cannot be separated for use in more than one OSE. If these components are running on a server other than the main database server, then an additional license is required for each additional OSE in which they are installed. For example, if the SQL Server DB is deployed in one OSE and SQL Server RS is deployed in another, both OSEs must be fully licensed for SQL Server 2012 accordingly


Thanks all for the replies

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