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All outlook users getting “The Microsoft Exchange Administrator has made a change...” error, temp rsolved by restarting Exch Info Store service

All Outlook users are intermittently (twice this week) receive “The Microsoft Exchange Administrator has made a change that requires you quit and restart Outlook.” error. OWA access stops working.

Restarting Exchange Information Store service removes the error for the time being.

I've read several posts in EE regarding this & believe that this is related to the size of the exchange EDB file.
server: SBS2008/Exchange2007
size of EDB file : 264,342,672 KB

Not absolutely sure but this seems to occur around 6am when an incremental backup is taken.

I'm in the process of removing some old mailboxes so that edb doesn't expand further.

what do you suggest to confirm that the size issue is indeed the problem?

what steps to resolve the problem?


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