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Once a copy to tape job has been run, is there a verification process by TSM to ensure the data is readable? Is there documentation somewhere that describes the process?
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Data written by a particular run can reside on one or several tape volumes.
You can verify single tape volumes one after the other, but not all volumes
pertaining to a particular process in one go.
On the other hand, you can verify data written between two points in time by
using the FROMDATE and TODATE options.

Verify tape volumes like this (dsmadmc command line):

AUDIT VOLUME volume name
AUDIT VOLUME  FROMDATE=date/time spec  TODATE=date/time spec

This will read the data stored on volume volume name or written between the two date/time specs
and check for inconsistencies between those data and what's recorded in the TSM database.
If errors are found appropriate messages will be issued but inconsistencies will not be repaired unless
the parameter FIX=YES is added:

AUDIT VOLUME FROMDATE=date/time spec  TODATE=date/time spec FIX=YES

When using FIX=YES entries pertaining to defective files will be removed from the TSM DB,
so subsequent INCREMENTAL runs will process these files again.

Find all TSM 7.1 documentation here:

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