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Hyper-V-Integration Problems due to bad or not correct version

I looked through the post on here before posting a question.  So if this has already been solved please let me know.

I have two physical host running Win 2012 R2 STD

Each host is running three hyper-v machines, two of those replicate to the other physical host which they are not running on.

Physical machine 1 - 2012 R2 STD
Hyper -v machines: DC1 2012 R2 STD(not replicating) , File Server 2012R2 STD  (replicating to PM2) , Scan Server 2008R2 STD (replicating to PM2)

Physical Machine 2 - 2012 R2 STD
Hyper-v machines DC2 2012 R2 STD (not replicating), SQL server  2012R2 STD  (replicating to PM1), Printer  2012R2 STD  (replicating to PM1)

I ran some windows update the other day and planned a reboot of the Host and VM's.  That was on Dec. 4th.   Today Dec. 11 th, replication failed, from hyper-v manager on PM1 I could not connect to PM2 and vice versa, all replication was critical. critical.  
The first clue I had was that people could not print.

I checked the Hyper-V-Integration Admin log :

I did not see anything about Printer causing issues, however Scan states that the Hyper-V Data Exchange filed to connect to virtual machine Scan because the version does not machine the version expected by Hyper-V ( dfajde9ruewruei-df-a-asfd) Framework version. Negotiated (0.0) - Expected (3.0);
To fix this problem you must upgrade the integration services.  To upgrade , connect to the virtual machine and select Insert Integration Services Setup Disk from the Action Menu.

Under the windows log I got a warning for system: Networking driver in Scan loaded but has a different version from the Server version 5.0 client version 0.2.
unsupported config. To update select Insert Services Setup Disk from the Actin Menu

I called a friend and he suggested the do the same thing.  Which I have completed. However, when I go back into Hyper-V manager for scan under Networking it stated Degraded (integration Services update required) I preformed a Refresh but nothing.

The question is why when I reboot my host and bring up my VM's do they crash within a week and replication fails and I get an RPC error when trying to connect to the other Physcial host.  Why can people not print?
Is the Scan server causing all of this?  If show I thought integration services update would fix this.   I when through the steps but I don't believe it updated.

I have been reading these articles:

Any help appreicated
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I apologize:
The Scan Server is actually Windows 2008 STD SP2
Build 6002

I also checked the system logs and have a bunch of DistributedCOM 10028 Errors
Dcom was not able to communicate with the computer PhysicalMachine2 using any of the configured protocols; request by PID
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I have taken the steps by going to the VM's - "Action - "Insert Integration Services Setup Disk"

It appears to run but I still have the Status under Networking tab as "Degraded (Integration services update required" ?
The logs state that it will work but it's an unsupported configuration.   Is there something I'm doing wrong to update?   I looked at a chart for compatible VM's with Win2012 STD R2 and Windows 2008 STD was listed.
Right now replication is normal and working.   I just can't seem to update the status on the Scan server.
Plus ever time I reboot the two host and bring up the VM's within 7 days replication starts failing and I have to basically reboot again.

Am I missing something on updating the guest.iso correctly with my VM's ?

Thank you,
All other VM's under the Summary tab display Integration Services: up to date.
However, Scan shows Heartbeat Unavailable and Integration Services is blank under the Summary tab within Hyper-V Manager
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