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I am creating a dodgeball game. What are some good graphics software that could be used to help create the characters of the game?
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Scott CSenior Engineer

Here is a list of free ones.  Give them a try and see which works best for you.
Zac HarrisSystems Administrator

It's not free, but Adobe Illustrator is great for this type of thing. Especially since you can create vectors.
Adobe Illustrator

Also Fuse is great for 3D characters. It was just bought by Adobe and is being added to the CC suite.

You should also check out this Video Game character designer tutorial from Pluralsight.
Video Game Character Tutorial

While free software is great to start out on, sometimes the limitations of the software cause you to work twice as hard to accomplish something that could have been done much easier had you dropped a few coins.
Depending on your skills most game animation designer tools include a character design for that game.
What software you using?
Is this for web ( adobe flash) or for ipads / mobile/PC?

check out these
CrazyTalk Animator - 2D Animation Software
Harmony  from Toon Boom  the  Toon Boom Studio has been retired and nolonger available,
The Best Free / Open Source Animation Software: 2D Animation
PowToon: Free animation software for business use
Autodesk is complex but very good

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