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AD Users' folder permissions

We are running into some gremlins after taking over for a previous sysadmin.

User's on the domain have their My Documents folder redirected to a server.
When logging in the server as the domain administrator account, some of the user's folders are not accessible by the admin. When trying to access the folder an error message comes up saying:

"You have been denied permissions to access this folder. To gain access to this folder you will need to use the security tab."

When checking the security tab, I cannot see the permissions without clicking "Continue" to access the permissions and even then, I cannot see the owner of the folder. This does not happen on every user folder and I would like not to have to check each folder as there are over 300 folders.

I have attached a Excel file with the permissions on the parent "Users" folder on the server.

What is the best course to take to:

Grant administrator rights to all folders
Leave the Deny permissions for the two groups
Correctly leave each user with access to their own user folder
Active DirectoryWindows Server 2008OS Security

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