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I can't see files on WD Elements USB drive

PC #1 writes the files but I can't see anything below the first level folders when the drive is on PC #2 or PC #3.  PC 1, 2, 3 are Windows 7 Pro. Oddly enough I can see everything just fine on PC #4 which is Windows XP.  Permission seem to be the same on all 4 PCx when view under Properties.

Steve in NH
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William Fulks
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What file system has the drive been formatted with? You could try and reformat it using the FAT32 file system (on the XP machine) and then see whether the other 3 PC's recognise the data. Move the data to another location before you reformat so you don't loose any data.
What type of files? Extensions?
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William, you gave me a clue and it should not have been the answer.  While I'd set my folder options to see hidden files I did not have system files visible on the PC 2 and 3. I do software work so I need to have system files visible on PC 1.  PC 2 and 3 are used for field work where I never need to see system files.  

I just changed PC 2 & 3 to make system files visible and can now see all the files BUT 99% of them are not system files on PC 1.  

I use ROBOCOPY to backup the 3 logical drives on my laptop which total of about 300 GB which is placed in one of 6 version folders on a 2 TB USB drive.  I do the backup about every two weeks which gives me a 2 month rotation before I write over a version.  

I guess I need to see why Robocopy makes all the files system files.

Anyway, my back up files are now available on the other PCs
Glad you figured it out!