Code to produce all combinations

I need some VBA code to create all possible combinations for building a salad.  See image below.  Below the ingredients, are a sample of what I mean by combinations.

The user may add additional columns of Extras.

This is just a sample.  In the real workbook, each Extra will have two additional fields: Serving Size and Calories.  I am sure I can figure out how to add those.

The workbook is also attached.

Ingredients and the first 6 combinationsSalads.xlsx
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The code for this sort of thing is fairly simple. However - ..
the number of combinations can easily become so overwhelming as to be impractible.
In your limited sample of very low figues, the number is
1*2*3*3*2. i.e. 36

With a few more choices and more sets to choose from, it can become huge.
3*4*3*7*2*5. becomes 2520

I suggest that you record the number of combinations actually chosen rather than multiple unchosen possibilities
rrhandle8Author Commented:
Not really a solution, but I was forced to close the question.
rrhandle8Author Commented:
The way I did it was to read the first column into an array, then concatenate the 2nd column to the array, then move on to the next column.

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Not really a solution, but I was forced to close the question.

Forced by whom, or by what?

From your most recent response, it sounds like you resolved your own issue.

I have requested attention so that a Moderator can review the thread & advise accordingly.
rrhandle8Author Commented:
I figured it out before anyone posted a solution.
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