Server 2008 R2 DHCP pool submenu does not have "Add to Reservation"

I am wanting to reserve several IP addresses on a fresh server. Usually there is a right click submenu that says "Add to Reservation" but all there is  is delete, refresh and help.

Is there a feature or patch I need to install? I would hate to have to get all the MAC IDs manually.
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If you go to the DHCP MMC...
Open the structure.... domain - IP4 Scope...
Go to Address Leases...
Right click one of the leases...
There you have the option "Add to reservation"

If not, send a picture...

I remember that I have missed it too one time, but I don't remember what I did.
ambantinAuthor Commented:
The window remembers me a bit on Windows 2003...

Are you sure you open it directly on the 2008 DHCP  machine?
You may try to open a new MMC and add the DHCP snap in there...

Are you opening this form your client? Possibly with older windows management tools installed?
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ambantinAuthor Commented:
I am directly logged into the server.. Fresh install of Server 2008 R2
Thomas WheelerCommented:
That is strange can you just add it under reservations? Or is it already there?
ambantinAuthor Commented:
Nothing under reservations. I would need to add all my workstation reservations manually after locating and typing in each MAC address... Not desireable
I checked it on a DC running W2008 R2 and the setting (submenu item) is there,  An even the node-pictures look different. But if this is a fresh install, I can not exclude that this changed with later updates. So it my be a try to update the server with the latest updates.

As I said, it looks like the windows 2003 snapin...

On the other hand, some of the features are connected with the Forest / domain functional level. So even possible, if you are still running on older Forest / Domain functional level.

See the picture for my 2008 R2 DHCP (running 2008 forest / domain functional level.
And have a look on the icons for the DHCP nodes...
ambantinAuthor Commented:
I believe I may have found the problem... I installed server 2008 and not R2.. so maybe?

I wonder if I can install R2 over the regular?
Overinstall? For a DC?
Don't do this...
The regular path for a DC migration is demote, reinstall, promote again.
But you need one left over DC.
But as you said you have a fresh install, I assume you have a second DC.

I never had pure 2008 DCs, I skipped this due to the problems with vista, as 2008 has the same base. So, cannot really say, if 2008 has the older view. And for 2003 I remember, that there you had to do it by hand. But long time ago... ;-)

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ambantinAuthor Commented:
Doing a fresh install, will let you know the results.
ambantinAuthor Commented:
That was it!!! R2 had the functionality and standard didn't.. going to award points to all that helped.
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