Western Digital MyBookLive issue

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I havent used this for a while so tried to set it up on my Windows 10 lappy. W10 'sees it' in control panel, but it is greyed out. It has an IP address of, however when I run the WD 'easy set up guide', it says there isnt one connected. When I reboot the WD, I get a steady blue light for say 30 seconds that then changes to a steady amber and then a flashing green. It all seems to be physically connected, but not recognised. Any pointers please?
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can you browse to the web page of
or go to file explorer and go to \\

Is you Pc on that same network range?
You could try the instructions on WD's site:

Mapping a network drive in Windows

You could also try downloading the WD Discovery Tool or other software:

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According to the manual a blinking green LED on the unit means disk access/activity, after the unit has booted up.

Maybe it was turned off hardly before (without doing a proper shutdown) and now the file system needs some integrity checking, this may take several hours depending on disk size, used space, filesystem, CPU and memory of the unit. So let it run like this overnight and check back the next day.

for safety let it run without network cable connected, just in case there is an attacker accessing your unit. Does blinking persist after unplug the LAN or does it instantly stop? If it stops when lan disconnected its not the file system check. Then it seems somthing over the lan is accessing the unit.

if its stopps blinking after unplug lan check which ports on the switch/router will start to blink if you connect the unit back online. This way you may find out from which devices the access is performed.

If also the WAN-Port of your router starts blinking it seems access is from outside.

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