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I have a domain behind a cisco rv325 router. There are 2 VMs 1 running exchange and 1 running essentials experience on the dc. Essentials is integrated with exchange. Both need to be accesses through port 443. How do I point the router to allow access to both?
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yo_beeDirector of Information Technology
You will need two public IP-Addresses to be able to route the traffic correctly if they both have to use 443.

internally it is fine since your DNS will be able to resolve the two different machines.
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Usually you assign different external ports, e. g. 4443 and 4444, and let the router translate it to 443 and different internal IPs. This could be an issue with OWA, though...


I dug a little further and essentials and exchange should not be on the same server. Essentials should be on the dc and there is no reasonable way to properly forward essentials requests from the exchange server so you need 2 ips.


After more digging what I was looking for was a reverse proxy server. That will allow you to host 2 severs behind 1 public ip address. I found the best answer at server fault thanks to vdboor

For IIS 7.5, Microsoft provides official modules for this!

    URL Rewrite: http://www.iis.net/download/URLRewrite
    Reverse proxy: http://www.iis.net/download/ApplicationRequestRouting

In the site settings, you'll get an "URL Rewrite" icon.

    Open it
    right click on the "inbound rules list"
    Select "Add Rule(s)"
    Choose "Reverse proxy"

In this dialog you can enter the hostname + port to forward to. After adding the rule, opening the edit dialog offers more customizations.

BIG NOTE here    it helps to ask the right question if you want the right answer.  The answer was easy to find I just asked the question poorly.

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