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A greying color block appears while loading the web application

I just deployed my staging web application : WebApplication
Its basically a code editor written using CodeMirror library. If you click on refresh again and again. you will notice in the editor part of the windoe it first turns grey for a very fraction of second and then becomes white n editable.
I want to know where that grey thing is loading from...

Also how can i capture that grey color that appears on editor for a fraction of second in firefox/chrome ... i want to capture the screen shot as well as what is happening in Network panel of firebug.
Sometimes the editor just blocks at that grey thing and you cannot write anything.

Some of my testers have noticed this bug that editor turns grey and you cannot write anything.
But i am unable to reproduce this issue.
I need some kind of logs from them when this happens in chrome so that they can send me when this happens and i can analyze the issue from logs. Is there any way of capturing such logs ?

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