Easiest Way to Clone an M.2 SSD?

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Hi all.
I have a Dell Inspiron 3050 Micro.
It came with a 32GB SSD which is kind of pathetic.
I ordered a larger SSD to replace this one but this system doesn't use a standard SATA connection; it's a 42MM M.2.
If I get a larger capacity M.2 SSD, what's the easiest way to CLONE the original drive onto the larger one?
If it was an SATA connection I wouldn't be asking this question as I'd add it as a 2nd drive one way or another.
Short of manually reinstalling W10 onto the larger SSD, I'm kind of at a loss.
Am I supposed to somehow clone the small SSD onto an external USB HDD somehow and then copy that onto the larger SSD?
Am I going to be forced to purchase some type of M.2 to USB adapter or something so that the 2nd drive is available to the OS? They are about $20 which isn't a huge deal but I feel like I'll likely never need to use it again...
I feel like such a noob asking this lol.
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There's no difference. Create an image of your current one, replay it to the new one. Use WinPE to replay it (a Windows setup dvd will do).


Thanks for the insight!

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