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I came into the office this morning with a complaint....

A user is trying out the Edge browser and ran into a problem. In IE and Chrome his favorites are grouped into folders on the bookmark bar. When Edge imports these favorites, the folders appear in the bar but they are empty! I've tried to replicate the problem on my PC but it works fine. Any thoughts on how to remedy this?


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Shut down the machine, start up, open Edge and try importing again. Edge is built-in and there is no repair for it like IE.
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I just sorted it out. The user's favorites consisted of 6 folders full of links. The favorites bar had these same 6 folders w/links. It seems that Edge didn't like having redundant links in favorites and the favorites bar!? In IE, I removed the folders that were directly under favorites, but left them in the favorites bar folder. After another import, it worked like a champ! It's kind of a goofy bug, but at least you can work around it.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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This is how I solved it!

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