I got a "security log is full" message when logging in with an Administrator account

I got a "security log is full" message when trying to log into a windows XP machine.
I know, why are we still using XP? We have to for a hand full of applications that still require it.

Anyway, the user that was trying to login was an Administrator on the PC, but it still would not let them log in.
I ended up logging in as a different Administrator and it let me in fine.
Then I went to Computer Management and under the Administrators group sure enough the one that was trying to login is already in there.

Any ideas why that user could not log in because the Log was full even though they were a local Administrator?
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Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
You need to set the logs so they can be overwritten.

1.      Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Event Viewer.
2.      Right-click Security, and then click Properties.
3.     In the Log Size area of the Security Properties window, click the Overwrite events as needed option under When maximum log size is reached.
4.      Click OK.
5.      Close Event Viewer.

That should take care of it for you.

adam_daunhauerAuthor Commented:
I know how to fix it, I was just wondering if anyone can tell me why it would not have recognized an Administrator account when trying to login.
Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Who knows?  XP has been out of all support for over 18 months.

Running a root cause issue to ground is a waste of time.

I agree it's weird that it wouldn't let in one admin account but did let another.
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adam_daunhauerAuthor Commented:
this has happened on 3 of our XP machines since last week so thought I would ask
Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Is there anything in the System logs that shows anything when you were trying to log on?

Take a look at your group policies and see if there is anything there that might be messing with it.  That's the only thing I can think of that might have an impact.

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adam_daunhauerAuthor Commented:
That was it. They Security team had added that account to a Domain AD Group that was over riding the Local administrators group.
Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Cool.  Glad I could help.

Scott SilvaNetwork AdministratorCommented:
A full log can stop ANY account from logging in I have had systems so locked up I had to push registry entries to them in the background to get them to allow logins...
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