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cannot uninstall via command line MS update kb:3114409

wusa /uninstall /kb:3114409

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I cannot seem to uninstall this update via command line, says that the update is not there, yet it is there.  I plan to globally uninstall this update because it causes outlook to enter safe mode by default.  This command has worked every other time I tried it with MS updates but for this one it will not.  We are in between WSUS servers right now so this is not an option.  Need the script  to work so I can uninstall over network on all machines.  

Thanks in advance.
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The update has been withdrawn. I am not sure if it was replaced or with what, but the problem update was withdrawn the same day as issued. People who updated later were not affected.

So you may either need WSUS or uninstall manually.

For a given machine, if your script did not work, is Outlook still a problem? On this same Windows machine, try running updates again and see if Outlook returns to normal.
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