Is it possible to reply or create emails to emails address on other domains?

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Hi, I am trying to figure out a way so that I can have one Microsoft exchange email account setup in outlook with example and have my google and hotmail email accounts forwarded to my exchange account.  I already know how to setup forwarding from these hotmail and google mail accounts to this account but what I don't know how to setup is how to reply to a hotmail or gmail account from outlook as the hotmail or gmail account and not the exchange account so that the person I am replying to still thinks its coming back from the hotmail or gmail account.  I do not want to setup the hotmail or gmail accounts in outlook at all.  I just want the one exchange account and have the ability to reply to any account or even create a new email from those accounts .  Is this possible?  Do i need special software to do this or is there a trick to setting this up.

Please let me know

Thank you
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No, this isn't possible.  What you are trying to do is "spoof" an email and Exchange isn't gong to provide a way to do this.

In Exchange you can "send as" or "send on behalf of" another Exchange user.  There is no way to accomplish this using an email address external to your Exchange environment.
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add them as connected accounts and you can now send as them 'on behalf of'


How do you add them as connected accounts?  Is this something i can do in outlook
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From OWA (tested working from O365)
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