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Please go to and click the "Guest Access" button. Note the next page has 3 radio button choices.

The customer wants the bolded text header item next to each radio button to act such that if it's clicked on, it checks the corresponding radio button.

What is the simplest way to do this in JavaScript?

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First add an 'onclick' to each of the spans containing the text.  Second, write simple JavaScript function that sets the selected item to be 'checked'.

function setBasincheck() {
    document.getElementById("basin").checked = true;
<div class="col-sm-1 col-xs-1"><input type="radio" name="cltype" id="basin" value="B" ></div>
	<div class="col-sm-6 col-xs-4"><span style="font-size:16px" onclick="setBasincheck();"><b>Basin Cleaning</b></span>

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Richard KortsBusiness Owner / Chief Developer


Dave, that sounds pretty cool, I'll try it.

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or as you have jQuery already included:
$(document).ready(function() {
$("b","div.col-sm-6.col-xs-4").click(function() {$("input[name='cltype']").val([$(this).parents("div").parents("div.row").find("input[name='cltype']").val()]);});

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So by just adding this script it is not necessary to add additional code depending on the different radio buttons.

@Dave: sorry I have been working on it during your post. And as that one is a nice one-liner which works :-)

Uros Gaberdirector

Why would you do this using javascript?
You have three input's as radio buttons:
<input type="radio" value="B" id="basin" name="cltype">
<input type="radio" value="S" id="side" name="cltype">
<input type="radio" value="F" id="full" name="cltype">

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And the bolded text is for example:
<b>Basin Cleaning</b>

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You could just replace this with:
<label for="basin"><b>Basin Cleaning</b></label>

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and the same for others / just note the "for" attribute that points to the ID of the input radio field - no need for javascript.

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