Add .jpg to table cell in Pages 5

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Add .jpg to table cell in Pages 5

Doing below, image is pasted in table cell to full with (more than actual image) and cannot be edited in any way - the image is placed behind text and cannot be selected for editing. I have read that text will wrap around image - it does not.

I want to be able to resize/move image and have text wrap. Image should be in upper left corner of table cell and text should wrap around image.

Add an image To add an image, do any of the following:

Click Media Media button in the toolbar, then select an image from your iPhoto library.
Drag an image from the Finder to the page.
From the menu bar, choose Insert > Choose, then select your image.
Click Placeholder button in the bottom-right corner of an image placeholder, then select the image you want to add.
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BAD NEWS.  What you want to do cannot be done in Pages .. unfortunately.

The Table feature is not the most flexible feature ... and inserted images are stuck inline where inserted .. you cannot do run-around or wrap or alignment of the image.

You can set wrap-around etc on an image .. and if you put it near a block of text it WILL wrap as you wish but as soon as you put the image into a cell on a table all those alignment and wrap features no longer apply.

Sorry but Pages is a mid-level DTP tool and lacks the power of InDesign or Quark XPress or the dedicated features of Word or Excel .. as we say "Jack of All Trades & Master of None"
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Thanks, you are so right about Pages, seems Apple is too busy selling iDevices...

I have created document in MS Publisher, which I use often and successfully. Will try to place as PDF in Pages.

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