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I have a category field where the end user can select the category. I need to have an option where the use can fill in their own choice, however, I still need it to be labeled other - "users fill in choice".

What is the best way to do this? I have selected to allow fill ins and have the check boxes so the user sees a blank checkbox. The only thing i need is an other in front of it.

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 some questions first:
 Which SharePoint version and edition?
 For which data entry forms? New, Edit ... - "Data sheet" / "Edit in List"?

Could you perhaps post a screenshot how it currently looks like with some comments on how it should look like?

I assume you have a column of type "Choice" and then "Checkboxes" to allow multiple selections? You also have activated the "Allow fill in".
Then I get currently one entry named "Specify your own value" and an empty TextBox.



Sharepoint 2010 and Designer 2010.

I do not have something saying "specify your own value". I have a multiple list box in Infopath.

See screeenshot. Everything else you assumed is correct

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