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Hi, we recently upgraded to Office 2016 (through Office365) and we have this Word file on a shared drive that multiple people use....everyone has Windows 7, etc....the Word file has some sort of script or macro or something that points to an external location and gets a table with information in it.

PersonA can open the file without any issues and the table looks normal
PersonB is able to open the file (after clicking on some links update prompt) and then it takes 30 seconds but it looks OK and I see the table
Person C is able to open the file (after clicking on some links update prompt) and then it takes 30 seconds BUT it doesn't show the shows the code/macro or whatever instead!!
s aitAsked:
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Professor JMicrosoft Excel ExpertCommented:
Person C might now have enabled something in the VBA reference.  the macro might be using some addtional reference which is not available or enabled  in Person C machine.
Is person C seeing the macro editor window OR a word document with 'code like text' in it?
If in Word doc it might be field codes....

{ crazyText \1\2 }

Ctrl + A to select all
Shift + F9 to toggle the codes
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s aitAuthor Commented:
Hi, personc is seeing code like text instead of the table
Ctrl + A then Shift + F9 do anything?

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s aitAuthor Commented:
Yes! Thanks.  Now personC can see the table..... but personB and C for whatever reason take 30 seconds-1 minute to open the file and personA opens it instantly....person B and C actually have faster machines than personA so I think its some setting in Excel? Or maybe something else?
s aitAuthor Commented:
Also.....for personC, while the Shift+ F9 shows the table, when he saves it and exits out of the file and gets back in, he needs to do Shift F9 again.
Person C might had a problem with their user profile. What happens when A and B log onto person C's machine?
Person C might not be looking at the latest data. Instant results might mean 'nothing happened'.

Test by adding some dummy data and getting each person to 'login / refresh'
s aitAuthor Commented:
but personB has the same problem as personC where it takes forever to open the file and click "this document may contain links to other files" and we click yes......personA has the same prompt but it opens the file in 2 seconds.
Ahhh sorry - misunderstood. Prob still worth adding dummy data and see if everyone sees it ☺
s aitAuthor Commented:
Will try....but any other thoughts?
I checked as many settings as I could in Excel--Options between PersonA and B and they mostly seem the same.

Also, any idea why personC keeps having to hit Shift+F9 everytime they open the file?
Macros not running to completion
Document not trusted
Slow network
Person unwittingly taps keyboard
There is a setting in word to show / hide field codes. ...
s aitAuthor Commented:
What do you mean?
Also, edited the document using personA's PC and then opened it on B and saw the changes
In Word (2010) File > Options > Advanced > (scroll down to) Show Document Content > see if the setting "Show Field Codes Instead of their Values" is checked (uncheck it).

Here's hoping the menu structure is not too different in 2016...
s aitAuthor Commented:
Thanks, FYI personA,B,C all have 2016, will the above help?
s aitAuthor Commented:
I found it....will check in a bit
s aitAuthor Commented:
Ok, I checked person B and C....both had it unchecked
So... is there some sort of a Macro running that does not finish?  In Word you can press Alt + F11 which will open the VBA IDE (where macros are written) and from there you might be able to see if there are any macros available to run... or it could be an Add-In

Note that there is a project explorer, you may need to toggle some settings in the "View" menu to see the project explorer.
s aitAuthor Commented:
Just macros....
Try... File > Options > Advanced > Scroll to "General" > Uncheck setting "Update Automatic Links At Open"

Tnx & Seasons Greetings :-D
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
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