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Vista user is losing their emails

One client I support have one Windows 7 user and four Vista users on a peer to peer network.

One of the Vista users has a problem in that every few weeks she will lose all the days emails. All emails in fact as she deletes all emails once read. All the current emails just disappear.

It is on an IMAP server and there are no emails on the mail server.

Any ideas.
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Naveen Joshi
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There maybe issue with email client. What about the email client ? I mean which software they use for emails ?
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Uros Gaber

Does the mailbox account have any quotas set? is it possible that the mailbox gets full (and depending on server settings deletion could happen). Maybe there is a rule set in the mail client that could cause this (i.e. either deleting or archiving mails)?

Hard to be more exact without more exact information - i.e. what kind of server, which mail client is used etc.
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Sorry for delay in replying - had to go out.

Mail client is Microsoft Mail or whatever replaced Outlook Express in Vista.

On the mail server the mailbox has been allocated 1250Mb and showing 0Mb used.

So, virus seems  good bet. I will install and run Mbam remotely when user is finished for the day. I would run Combofix if I was onsite but Malwarebytes will do for now.
Thanks for the update and I was happy to help.